Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ziade Hailu's Report on the Celebration of Meskel 2004/2011 at Dawhan Town

UPdate #3. Live from Dawhan town. This town of  Dawhan  is ready to welcome her guests. This afternoon before the D day many, including media people, guests from far and close are converging to this small town. Accommodation is not easy but then what a heck....(alga leminie). Tomorrow is a big day but festive mood is already in the air.
The D Day is up on us. The president of Tigray region their excellencies,  Atto Abbay Woldu and Abune Tesfesilasie, are among the distinguished guests. The administrator of Irob woreda Mr. Rufael presented yearly performance report. The hall in Dawhan is overflowing with humans and highly over suffocated. nothing like this has been ever witnessed in that small town. your reporters in the ground will be updating you every minute.
Update # 6.  According to the report by the Administrator of the woreda Asimba and its environs t up to Ggundagude is earmarked for Eco tourism. Investors are invited to assess tourism potential in the region. Also investment in beles is highly recommended.
update # 5.  Breaking news: It was announced just few minutes back that the commercial bank of Ethiopia will start operations in Dawhan town beginning from October one. This is an important step for the region with long long years of history but no formal financial institutions for years.
Update #8.  It is raining heavily in Dawhan town. After an interesting luncheon with variety of food including great people are back to conference center. Question and answer session is being conducted. Though some people are complaining that the festival has become more of a serious stuff than a celebration of culture. If the rain doesn't spoil things the best part they said is yet to come. Your reporters myself in the main studio and Huluf Weldesilase at the ground shall be updating you every minute of every hour during this historic day. Don't go away.
Update #9.  Further reiterating what his Excellence  the bishop said in the morning about the resilience of the Irob people, the president of Tigray region is making a final speech. In brief his speech focuses economic empowerment. The Irob people suffered enough but that has to stop. He compared the irob topography to Israel and according to him that country receives less annual rainfall than Irob region yet it has become bread basket. If Irobs invest in bees, water harvesting, 'tele/begi' and work hard there is no way that the appalling poverty will continue. He said something in  line of Paulo Cohelo's witting that if a community decides to change their fate then the universe shall conspire to make it happen. He received applause from the audience for comparing Irob to Israel. Now, we have heard the speech, witnessed the fanfare and rhetoric we wait for actions. This festival has clearly put Irob issues on the map of the powerful in Mekele town or so it seems.

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